Effective Strategic Sourcing

We supply and support our customers with EU certified quality and affordable products, with international delivery options, helping them optimize their procurement goal

On request, we can source any product from any EU manufacturer across any industry type

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small and large companies

We supply both small and large companies and can service your order from a single pallet to a full truckload with international shipping options.

Fast & Reliable Logistics

We offer a fast and reliable delivery service, by sea, air, rail and truck to all major destinations in Europe and worldwide.

Procurement / Brokers / Wholesale

We work with representatives across the medical and packaging industry. Contact us to discuss your product requirements or the opportunity to work with us.


We are always interested in new innovative products to offer our customers’, helping them to stay successful within a constantly changing market.

Product Availability

Working closely with our suppliers inventory allows us to deliver at short notice and minimise delivery bottlenecks. Personal customer service is  always one of our main priorities.

Please contact us if you manufacture products that may enhance the product range for ourcustomers.

smE and I&C Buyers

We supply both B2B and B2C and we can process single pallet orders to full truckload orders, with international shipping options

Fast & Reliable Logistics

We offer a fast and reliable delivery service by sea, air, rail and truck to all major destinations in Europe and worldwide

B2b & B2C e-commerce

Our platform offers both Broker and Manufacturer admin section where you can sell B2B wholesale while the e-commerce Shop allows direct buyers to shop smaller quantities


We perform market research to find  innovative European products which we believe will help our customers stay successful within a constantly changing  market

product availability

Working closely with our suppliers enables us to ship on short notice and minimize delivery bottlenecks. Customer service is our top priority

sample products

If your business needs samples, please fill in the contact form below and we will connect with you and arrange shipment

Specialist Products

These products are in high global demand


The medical industry requires the highest level of hygiene and maintaining cleanliness is essential for the safety of patients and medical staff.

It’s important to use the right protective gear and our premium gloves offer extra protection when carrying out high risk procedures or working in hazardous conditions.

Bio Packaging

We provide sustainable packaging solution, plant-based, biodegradable and compostable.

A sustainable alternative to single-use, disposable plastic packaging, made from plant-based materials.

Work with us

Work with us to expand our product range of premium quality EU manufactured products

We search for innovative and competitively priced products to offer our growing customer base

We like to work with manufacturers that are committed to recycling and  sustainability

Please contact us if you manufacture products that may enhance the product range for our customers

contact us

Cristina Ciresi +44 7747 660168
Suzanne Kirstein +49 176 90921738

We take a holistic view in managing and developing our supplier and customer relationships both at the operational and strategic levels, enabling us to offer a balance of quality products with competitive costs to support you in making decisions with effective results across the spectrum of your procurement needs.


please contact us if you have further questions or would like to place order

We offer a range of PPE and protective clothing, including all ranges of disposable gloves for medical and industry use.  We supply compostable Bio Packaging for the retail and the Horeca industry.

You have a number of options:

Use our contact forms found on most of our pages.

Whatsapp us / see numbers on the contact page.

Email us at:

International shipping options are available across all products.

The minimum order size is one euro-pallet. This can be made up of a variety of products. 

All goods must be paid for in full, plus shipping costs prior to being shipped to their destination, unless we agreed directly a different shipment method. Please contact us if you wish to discuss alternative options.


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