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Cristina Ciresi

founder and ceo

Cristina is the founder of Medicprotex and serves as its CEO. Medicprotex is the result of Cristina’s vision and desire to support EU economic growth and offer European manufacturers  a platform to promote their business through two key routes to market: brokers and direct buyers. Cristina has 15+ years of experience, predominantly in the oil & energy, finance and manufacturing industries. Her main areas of expertise are business development, strategy, digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

Suzanne Kirstein

Co-founder and MD

Suzanne Kirstein is Co-founder of Medicprotex and serves as Managing Director. Suzanne has been an entrepreneur for many years and has founded businesses in the food manufacturing and property industry. She has over 30+ years in business and end consumer sales and has been responsible for the development of the Medicprotex website. 

core values

Our core value is to promote premium European products.

By selling EU products, we aim to play a part in creating business opportunities and employment, whilst promoting products from manufacturers with sustainable goals, at affordable prices. Through both our broker and e-commerce platforms, we showcase EU made, unique products.

Promote Products made in europe
Help create employment and grow eu economy
Support EUropean Entrepreneurship
Represent Sustainable Companies


Our dedicated broker  platform enables manufacturers to showcase their product range and buyers to access and sell their products.

All our Brokers receive full product training, enabling them to effectively advise on the best solutions for their customers.

Getting Started

Sometimes, the most rewarding days are spent with your teammates, and it leaves you wondering… if only we had met before!

What started as a small idea between us is flourishing into a business that we are nurturing every day with our combined skills, to offer our clients a professional service and great products. We aim to build long lasting business relationships, because that is what is important to us and what life is all about.




Ambition: to develop Medicprotex into a digitalized auction platform that takes the customer through a lean and agile sales cycle and alleviates the concerns of lengthy lead times or value/price disparity

Goal: is to become a leading marketplace where European suppliers and buyers across all industries meet to make the most of our auction platform.

Mission: to supply 100% sustainable and ethically sourced products. We are working towards our goal by choosing suppliers that share the same sustainability goals. 


Help our environment

Sustainability and recycling needs to be collective goals across the entire world, for both individuals and businesses.

This is why we always seek to work with manufacturers who are committed to helping the environment.

Work with us

Work with us to expand our product range of premium quality EU manufactured products

We search for innovative and competitively priced products to offer our growing customer base

We look to work with manufacturers that are committed to recycling and  sustainability

We source and supply premium products primarily from European certified manufacturers whose core values are working towards sustainability and solutions for the circular economy.


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